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2019. July 5.

NewsRediscovery of ancient landrace cereals

“We are trying to strengthen our own cultural and professional heritage”

ömki, agriculture, ecology

2019. June 27.

Visit at the BioSense Institute and the Krivaja d.o.o. precision farm in Serbia

On 15th May 2019 we took part in a professional day that included a farm visit in Serbia organized by the Ministry of Agriculture of Hungary and the Embassy of the Netherlands in Hungary. The main topics of the event were the digitization of agriculture and the field demonstration of precision farming. The participants included professionals who are interested in these topics.

ömki, agriculture, farming, agricultural technology, environment, organic farming

2019. June 26.

Cereal parade

As a part of our arable crop research activities, we are studying various cereal species and varieties at 15 different sites in Hungary. These plant stands are also investigated during plant health inspections a number of times every year. The aim of this research is to find the best performing and the most pest-resistant varieties for different habitats under organic conditions.

ömki, organic farming, ecology, farming, grain

2019. June 20.

Quality bread for everyone

Einkorn, spelt and emmer: the unexploited potential of ancient landrace cereals

agriculture, Hungarian agriculture, wheat, bread wheat, healthy bread

2019. June 17.

Organic farming in practice

Nutrient management on organic arable land

organic economy, organic farming, ecological methods, agriculture, Hungarian agriculture, sustainability, sustainable

2019. June 11.

Organic food in hungarian canteens?

Organic food is being provided in public catering more and more often. And it is not in vain because we know that the most vulnerable people among us, our growing children, the ill, and the elderly are in the greatest need of a residue free diets to maintain their health or help them get healthy again.

organic, canteen, organic raw materials, organic farming, sustainable, healthy food



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