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Testing of bread wheat varieties

In Hungary, bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) is the most important cultures in cropland organic farming in terms of area covered. Hungarian breeders do not work specifically on breeding organic wheat varieties, although some of the conventionally bred varieties are considered suitable for organic cultivation. At the same time, seeds from specific organic breeding are already present on the market in neighboring countries (e.g. Austria). However, their performance in Hungary is not clear yet

Cropland farming without burdening the environment

  • We test the ability of wheat varieties to adapt to the growing site without the use of fertilizers or plant protection products.
  • We provide important information for organic farmers regarding the performance of wheat varieties under organic farming conditions.
  • Breeders and distributors also receive valuable feedback about the appropriateness of their varieties.
  • By introducing innovative variety testing methods, we promote the competitiveness of organic arable crop cultivation.
  • We contribute to the development of the product path for flour types produced in organic farming and thus the consumption of organic food products in Hungary.

Our tests

  • Recording the weed suppressing ability and general characteristics during visual inspection of plants in different phenophases.
  • Studying the plant pathological status.
  • Measuring contents: protein, gluten, falling number, and according to changing demands, even other values (e.g. the hectoliter mass and Zeleny index).
  • Plant pathological assessment of harvested crops, as well as testing for structures of mycotoxin-producing fungi and other pathogens, and in some cases, analytical testing of mycotoxins.
  • Measuring crop yields.

Our results

  • Since 2012, we have compared more than 50 varieties. The results have given us an insight into promising varieties that are suitable for further investigation and production.
  • Our cooperation with Hungarian plantbreeders has been a success,but we are also working with foreign-bred varieties, and we were the first to test Austrian and German varieties bred specifically for organic farmers.
  • As a result of our groundbreaking work, more than 20 farms are now participating in wheat variety testing.
  • In addition to conventional variety testing on test fields, we also try innovative research methods such as multispectral remote sensingand using agricultural drones.
  • We initiated the development of the product path for organic wheat in Hungary and the testing of products by consumers,with involvement of food processors. Within this, we assessed whole-grain flours of numerous varieties and bread made with these flours.
  • By being granted the LIVESEED project,we have been able to continue testing wheat varieties at international level from 2017. We have also been able to promote the breeding of organic varieties and the production of organic seeds in Hungary, in cooperation with the Center for Agricultural Science of the Hungarian Academy of Science at Martonvásár.

Contact person

Mihály Földi

Project manager researcher

Horticulturist, MSc
+36 20 975 7483

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