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ömki, plant protection, vinery   2019. July 18. News

Second time in C&A program

The C&A Foundation supports a number of public-benefit nonprofit organizations that contribute to sustainable development through their activities. It is an honor for us to participate in this program for the second time. This year’s C&A campaign focuses on preserving biodiversity. That’s why we applied with our multi-species cover crop vegetation technology developed for domestic vineyards.

In addition, we have been selected this year from more than 200 projects around the world to be included in the campaign’s short film. The shooting took place at one of our first on-farm partners, the Tokaj-Hétszőlő organic vineyards, which has been participating in the experiments since 2012. With Gergely Makai the landlord, we presented in a fantastic environment how the rich vegetation contributes to soil protection, and how to it provides living space for a wide range of living organisms.

The cover crop plants of the ÖMKi Live Seed mix flourished on the steep slopes, and the wild carrots’ white flowers made the sight almost airy. In a next post, we’ll also tell you why beyond its beauty, this plant has been included in the seed mix.



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