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Potato cultivation experiments

The aim of ÖMKi’s organic potato program is to work with farmers, breeders, institutions of higher education, and controlling and professional administrative bodies to reveal the obstacles than prevent further promotion of the Hungarian organic potato sector, and to contribute to the sector’s development with experimental results, events and publications.

The primary goal of the research

  • In our research on organic potatoes, we have worked on developing varieties with a better resilience against biotic and abiotic stressors, so farmers can produce with increased safety and less effort.
  • The usability and taste of the potatoes are also important for us, and we evaluate this together with our partners in gastronomy and consumers.
  • Our organic potato experiments promote healthy food production without substance residues, and contribute to sustainable production on subsistence farms.

Our results

  • We obtained basic information on national organic potato cultivation (before this no experimental data was available).
  • We determined the most common quality or quantity related issues in Hungarian organic potato cultivation.
  • We selected the species best suited to the characteristics of the farms participating in the experiments.
  • A cooperation network was built between growers and other operators of the potato product chain, communication was significantly improved between participants, and an active work group for organic potato research was established.
  • The knowledge of growers increased: The researchers “home-delivered” new information.
  • A publication on cultivation technologies for organic potatoes was issued.
  • The technology of early cultivation under cloches is now included in the practices of individual organic farmers or has been improved at farms that already used it.
  • Resistant, domestically bred potato varieties have become commonly known among organic growers (and internationally too).
  • The usability and taste of varieties were also tested at tasting sessions organized with consumers and chefs.

Contact person

Papp Orsolya

Leading researcher

Horticulturist, MSc
+36 20 321 7014

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