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Species-rich inter-row covering

The role of species-rich inter-row grass planting

techniques in improving soil conditions and enhancing biodiversity, with particular regard to plant protection and defense against erosion.

Climate change is expected to increase the frequency of extreme weather events, such as extended periods of heat and drought in summer, and sudden, heavy precipitation. These phenomena can increase the risk of soil depletion and erosion, especially on sloping ground, making it advisable to plant well-chosen and well-maintained plants in the spaces between rows of perennial crops. By using carefully selected species, we can not only increase the conservation value of the area, but also promote good soil structure (rooting types), nutrient replenishment (leguminous varieties) and provide habitats for beneficial organisms (e.g. predatory mites, spiders).

The importance of the inter-row planting in grape spacing. Watch our video!



  • Introducing the ÖMKi inter-row planting seed mix and control treatments (spontaneous weed flora, mechanically cultivated inter-row plantings) at 5-10 vineyards, in the form of industrial-scale experiments.
  • Carrying out various surveys (botanical, faunistic and plant-pathological, as well as checking soil moisture, and conducting soil microbiological tests) through random samples collected throughout the growing season. Yield measurements and the testing of must quality.
  • A Summary of results, and statistical evaluation. Providing individual and on-farm group feedback, and organizing professional and field events.
  • Based on ÖMKi’s years of experience with inter-row planting at vineyards, the research will be extended to fruit crops (it is anticipated that this will focus on those with the largest production area: apple, plum and walnut varieties)

Expected results

  • The publication of a technical manual for farmers on the applicability of biodiverse inter-row planting for the sustainable protection of grape plants.
  • The development, product design and commercialization of a new, ground-covering, inter-row seed mixture in fruit producing areas.
  • Scientific publications.A technical publication on the effects of soil management strategies on soil condition and biodiversity in viticulture and fruit production.
  • Further training for expert advisors on optimal soil management methods adapted to local growing conditions.

Magyar Nemzeti Vidéki Hálózat

The implementation of the research is supported by Hungarian National Rural Network (MNVH):

Contact person

Tamás Miglécz

Biologist, Ph.D.

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