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Landrace tomatoes - cultivation technologies

Optimizing growing techniques for landrace tomato varieties

in organic seedling cultivation, with a particular focus on nutrient supply and product development.

In recent years we have conducted a nationwide on-farm study on the organic cultivation of landrace tomato varieties. As a result, the highest-rated landrace varieties are now popular among small-scale growers. This research project has now ended, and current research aims to optimize cultivation techniques for seedlings planted by small-scale gardeners. The methodology of organic seedling cultivation is still in its infancy in Hungary, meaning that there is a justified need to develop the technology on a larger scale, to make it operational. The widespread distribution of landrace tomato seedlings to small-scale growers serves as an effective means of preserving diversity, both in a genetic sense and in terms of color and flavor.



  • In multifaceted experiments set up within a cultivation system, we are studying the effect of different growing media mixtures and nutrient replenishment methods on the germination and growth vigor of tomato seeds, and on their resistance to disease.
  • We are publishing Andrea Heistinger’s Manual of Seed Saving (Löwenzahn). This 424-page book presents a range of seed-harvesting techniques for vegetables grown in small-scale gardens, written in a thoroughly professional yet also readable style. One of the principal foundations for the preservation of agricultural biodiversity is a network of hobby gardens, so the publication of this book in Hungarian (with content adapted to Hungarian conditions) helps to promote the in-situ conservation of Hungarian landrace varieties.

Expected results

A booklet on techniques for the successful cultivation of organic tomato seedlings, and on ideal substrate and nutrient replenishment techniques for organic growers. The publication of a Hungarian-language book on seed gathering for small-scale producers engaged in gene-conservation activities. The implementation of professional days, field demonstrations and training events on the techniques of seed gathering.

Magyar Nemzeti Vidéki Hálózat

The implementation of the research is supported by Hungarian National Rural Network (MNVH):

Contact person

Katalin Allacherné Szépkuthy

senior consultant

+36 30 147 043

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