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Quality bread for everyone!

Bread made of biodiverse ancient cereals – e.g. emmer or einkorn landraces – is incommensurable with the common industrial bread. What are the hindering factors and the supporting solutions beyond the popularity of quality healthy bread? These issues have been discussed among farmers, millers, artisan bakers and the representatives of civil and research organizations related to the product path at our first workshop held on 10th February 2019.

The workshop called “Production and processing of landrace cereals” organized within the framework of the Farmer’s Pride EU project aimed at finding joint solutions on issues such as the continuous quality and availability of landrace sowing seeds, the production technology of ancient cereals and ways for their processing and marketing.

Different people, various approaches, thoughts expressed together and dedicated enthusiasm were the main characteristics of the meeting. Everyone agreed that quality good bread lives its renaissance again and that through cooperation its value chain can be rebuilt from its first link to its last one. For this end, farmers, hullers, millers and bakers working with landraces and old varieties throughout the country will be soon collected, and a map is to be compiled from their data.

The event took place in Vértesboglár, and was organized by the Hungarian Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (ÖMKi) in cooperation with Pipacs Bakery and Csoroszlya Farm. The venue and the lunch – mostly made of local ingredients – were provided by the Pro Vértes Public Foundation for Nature Conservation. Hereby, we would like to thank everyone for the help in organization, for the participation and for the joint work.

Landraces and old varieties – including minor cereals – provide important market possibilities for organic farmers, millers and bakers, while offering exceptional flavour experience to environment and health conscious consumers and gastronomy fans. This gives us confidence when starting the joint work on the popularization of products made of quality organic cereal landraces.



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