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Soil protection - Best4Soil

Funding: Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, European Union

Coordinator: Delphy - Worldwide Expertise for Food & Flowers (the Netherlands)

Time period: October 2018 - September 2021

Healthy soils will play an essential role in the future in European horticultural and arable crop cultivation.

Newly developed best practices and sound crop rotations permit to maintain, improve or re-establish soil health in Europe.

The adaptation of optimised crop ro­tation as a basis to prevent build-up of soil borne diseases, which is specific to the needs and situation of each individual grower

With Best4Soil we are building a community of practice network across Europe by inter-connecting growers, advisers, educators and researchers. This network promotes knowledge ready for practice on 4 best practices (compost, green manure, anaerobic disinfestation, (bio) solarisation) for the control of soil borne diseases. 


The aims of Best4Soil are:

  • To share useful information with operators in arable crop and horticultural plant cultivation with open-access databases and practical guidelines about protecting and restoring soil health.

  • To help fight against soilborne infections and plant pathogen nematodes by knowledge transfer.

  • To contribute to the formation of international professional networks with the participation of farmers, advisors, educators and researchers in 20 European countries for efficient knowledge transfer.

  • To promote local communities of farmers, the members of which share their experiences, thus helping to spread good practices in the region.

The Best4Soil project is funded by the Horizon 2020 program of the European Union under project number GA 817969.

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