ÖMKi organized the professional meeting, Dialogue for development of Hungarian organic agriculture, 6th February 2014 in the Ignác Darányi Hall of the Ministry of Rural Development. About 150 participants attended to gather information on current issues of the organic sector:

  • The recently created National Organic Farming Action Plan,
  • The new agriculture subsidy and institution system being under preparation and
  • The planned new organic regulation of the EU and the expected effects of these.

The aim of the program was to provide a wide overview of the ministry’s current plans, have a positive influence on these processes, draw up and represent the viewpoint of professionals, and represent the interests of organic farming.

Participants were greeted by Dr. József Viski head of the Ministry’s Strategic Department, on behalf of Katalin Tóth deputy under-secretary of state. Dr. Viski summarized political events concerning organic agriculture, development ideas, and the decision-making process of the government. As part of the presentation, department head of Food Chain Management Dr. Zoltán Gombos spoke about the final release of Hungary’s 2014-2020 National Organic Farming Strategy.