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2019. July 18. News

Second time in C&A program

The C&A Foundation supports a number of public-benefit nonprofit organizations that contribute to sustainable development through their activities. It is an honor for us to participate in this program for the second time. This year’s C&A campaign focuses on preserving biodiversity. That’s why we applied with our multi-species cover crop vegetation technology developed for domestic vineyards.

ömki, plant protection, vinery

2019. July 5. News

Öko-Feldtage 2019

On the 3rd and 4th of July 2019, the second national Öko-Feldtage (Organic Field Days) organized by FiBL took place in Grebenstein, at the Staatsdomäne Frankenhausen, which is the research and experimental institute of the University of Kassel. This event unifies a unique combination of practice and research in organic agriculture and animal husbandry.

ömki, agriculture, organic farming, organic, ecology, eco, agricultural machinery, plant protection

2019. August 8. Further research

Possibilities of protection against cherry fruit flies

organic farming, plant protection, organic plant protection, cherry, fruit

2020. July 28. News

With or without copper?

First results of the RELACS project experiments in Hungary on substituting copper in plant protection.

ömki, organic, plant protection, pesticide, organic plant protection, grape, viticulture, copper, relacs

2020. August 24. Media

Plant pathology inspection of winter wheat varieties in the arable crop experiments of ÖMKi

The identification of head fusariosis and methods for mitigating losses. Watch our video! English subtitbles are available.

organic seed, seed, plant protection, wheat, fusariosis

2021. August 11. News

Precision solutions in plant protection

Our related experiments

plant protection, organic plant protection, precision farming, spec, spad



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