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2019. July 11. News

European diversity cereal festival

Between 26 and 28 June we attended the European Diversity Cereal Festival in Kalø (Denmark), which was jointly organized by the initiatives of Let’s Cultivate Diversity and Nordic Heritage Cereal within the CERERE H2020 project.

ömki, agriculture, grain, ecology, organic, organic agriculture

2019. June 26. News

Cereal parade

As a part of our arable crop research activities, we are studying various cereal species and varieties at 15 different sites in Hungary. These plant stands are also investigated during plant health inspections a number of times every year. The aim of this research is to find the best performing and the most pest-resistant varieties for different habitats under organic conditions.

ömki, organic farming, ecology, farming, grain

2019. November 12. News

Our research made understandable: A muster of grains – the second act

In the summer we introduced you to some of the details of plant pathology testing we carried out in the field. When assessing crops, besides investigating the appearance of various ear diseases, we also examined the endurance and weed-suppressing ability of the plants, as well as their growth rate. You can read more about this here.

agriculture, grain, organic farming, seed, analysis



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