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Organic processing - ProOrg

Funding: ERA-net CORE Organic Cofund, European Union

Coordinator: CREA - Council for Agricultural Research and Agronomical Analysis (Consiglio per la ricerca in agricoltura e l'analisi dell'economia agrarian), Italy

Time period: May 2018 - May 2021

Selecting the best processing methods

Today there is a lack of mandatory standards and indications for organic food processing within the EU.

The organic food market is rapidly growing and the organic food industry needs to develop and innovate to keep the pace. EC legislation regulates the use of food additives and processing aids. However, regulatory standards for organic food processing are lacking, as well as specifications that guide processors in the evaluation and selection of appropriate technologies and innovations in line with organic principles.

ProOrg will develop a set of strategies and tools (Code of Practice) that can help organic food processors in the selection of appropriate technologies. It will give guidance for making the best choice for careful, minimal and mild processing methods

ProOg provides an opportunity to further advance organic food processing and it supports the development of new production methods. All this contributes to the enhancement of the competitiveness of the organic food industry, while ensuring excellent quality foods for consumers, decreasing the use of additives and processing aids and reducing the environmental load as well.

The goals of ProOrg are:

  • To develop a practical and flexible codex for organic food processors and certifying bodies.

  • To apply a participation-based approach, involving operators or various scientific disciplines.

  • To elaborate a multidimensional evaluation framework for organic food processing.

  • To test the Code of Practice in real-world situations and settings.

  • To assess the various preferences and the acceptance of organic foods by conducting qualitative and quantitative consumer surveys.

ÖMKi determines the evaluation criteria and the proposed evaluation framework by consulting interested parties and processing relevant professional materials.

Consortium partners: 
CORE Organic Cofund was established in cooperation with 26 partners in 19 countries and regions to initiate international research projects on organic foods and farming. CORE Organic has started 12 research projects so far. For further information, please visit the website of the CORE Organic


This transnational project is funded via the ERA-net CORE Organic Cofund based on funds from participating countries and funding from the European Union.

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