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Our research made understandable: Have you ever seen potato seed?

Because in our country is rare to see them, as we usually plant potato tubers in mid-April.

In the framework of the SOLACE project, we used a completely new method. Instead of planting potato tubers, we grow seedlings from seeds. The advantage of this method is that we can minimize soil-borne infections transmitted by tubers, which is a cornerstone of organic farming.

And that’s not all! These seeds come from the Dutch SOLYNTA company, which breeds hybrid potatoes that are expected to grow well under stress effects caused by nutrient and water deficiencies. So the ultimate goal is to have the right crop even in extreme conditions caused by climate change, and of course, GMO free as well. The first seeds were sown in the Zsámboki biokert :). We hope that after six weeks the seedlings can be planted. If you are curious about how the small SOLHY006 hybrid seeds develop, then follow our page. We’ll let you know of developments soon!


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