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Nutrient replacement in organic horticulture

In terms of area, organic orchards now account for 9% of all orchards in Hungary.

In the case of orchards, it is difficult to know what the most effective means are to improve nutrient supply and soil life, and what the economic implications of these activities might be.

Our experiment, conducted on a plum orchard belonging to our on-farm partner, Csoroszlya Farm is examining the possibilities for nutrient replacement, and comparing four possible alternatives: the use of cattle manure from local livestock, dried poultry manure, vinasse, or no nutrient replenishment through the soil. In addition to the growth vigor of the plum trees themselves, and the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the crop, we will also be evaluating the overall character of the soil life and microbiological activity. Organic manure and poultry manure have been applied in the past few days, and tilled into the soil.

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Appying manure at our on-farm partner, Csoroszlya Farm, Hungara
Photo: ÖMKi

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