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ömki, Biofach, organic farming, organic, organic product   2019. February 21. News

Biofach 2019: The organic world also paid attention to us!

What was told to the stakeholders of the sector about the state on organic farming in Hungary at the 2019 Biofach trade fair? Where are we now in the regional hierarchy? Read our report on the world’s leading trade fair and professional meeting for organic food!

It was the 7th time that ÖMKi organized an independent Central Eastern Europe section at the world’s leading trade fair and professional meeting for organic food, the Biofach, in Nürnberg. Besides Hungary the Czech Republic, Romania, Ukraine, Armenia, Lithuania and Moldova have been also represented at the professional fair on organic food and organic products. During the last 7 years we reached that Hungary is regarded as the flagship of the region at the world’s leading trade fair and professional meeting for organic food, and once per year high-level professional policy representatives discuss the actual state of organic farming in the Central Eastern European countries.

The Jubilee Biofach broke records: this year more than 50 000 professional visitors and altogether 3 273 exhibitors have been registered from 140 countries in Nürnberg between 13-16th February. Attention paid to Hungary is of great appreciation in such a professional milieu, which can be further enhanced by regional cooperation. This was our vision when we first organized the Central Eastern Europe section at Biofach in 2013. This year Tamás Tarpataki, deputy state secretary responsible for agricultural markets, accepted our invitation to represent the Hungarian professional policy, and the other countries also represented themselves at state secretary or deputy minister levels at the meeting.

This annual meeting is a perfect occasion for comparing the state of Hungarian organic farming to the situation experienced in the other countries of the region, and also for drawing attention to our latest results. Our partner institute, the Swiss Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (Forschungsinstitut für biologischen Landbau – FiBL), published a brand new statistical book for this reason, deliberately timed for Biofach. The statistical book called “The World of Organic Agriculture” summarizes the organic farming related data of 180 countries covering two decades up to 2017.

According to the latest global data, it is unequivocal that organic farming is the most dynamically developing agricultural sector all around the world. In addition, Hungary already has some regional achievements. Although based on the size of organically farmed areas our country ranks only 5th in the Central Eastern European hierarchy, it is in the top three countries regarding the ratio of lands with organic certification and when assessing the number of organic producers. What is more, the Hungarian organic farming sector witnessed an expansion of 62.6% over the last decade. Growth has significantly increased in the last years, and due to the organic farming application announced at the end of last year further growth is expected, and can be foretold to the high-level professional policy representatives of the other countries of the region.

The popularity of organic farming is unstoppable also in Central Eastern Europe!


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