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The aim of BIOEAST is to develop a knowledge-based, sustainable and circular biomass-based economic strategy and to elaborate a macro-regional strategic research and innovation agenda for the Central-Eastern European macro-region specifying joint research and innovation priorities by 2022.

The Central-Eastern European Initiative for Knowledge-based Agriculture, Aquaculture and Forestry in the Bioeconomy – called BIOEAST in short – provides a joint research and innovation strategic framework for the development of sustainable biomass-based economic systems in the countries of Central-Eastern Europe. The open initiative was launched by the Visegrad Group countries – the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia – to which Bulgaria, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania and Slovenia also joined.

Thematic working groups

Within BIOEAST 5 specific macro-region level issues already have been identified where thematic working groups (TWG) were established in order to define joint research and innovation priorities and to develop the strategic research and innovation agenda:

  • Thematic working group of forestry value chains (coordinator: Slovakia – Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and National Forestry Centre)

  • Thematic working group of food systems (coordinator: Poland – Ministry of Agriculture and National Research Institute of Agriculture and Food Economy)

  • Thematic working group of bioenergy and high added value products (coordinator: Croatia – Ministry of Agriculture and Energy Institute Hrvoje Pozar)

  • Thematic working group of agroecology and sustainable yields (coordinator: Hungary – Ministry of Agriculture and the Hungarian Research Institute of Organic Agriculture)

  • Thematic working group of freshwater and biomass-based economy (coordinator: the Czech Republic)

The thematic working group called “Agroecology and sustainable yields” of the BIOEAST initiative is coordinated together by the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture and the Hungarian Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (ÖMKi) including the following tasks:

- Elaboration of the strategic research and innovation agenda (SRIA) of the macro-region.

- Development of a network with the participation of the relevant stakeholders in the BIOEAST countries in order to carry out discussions on the expectations, the challenges and the possible solutions.

- Development of regional discussion on the targeted sustainable yield levels in the agricultural sector, agroecological farming practices, mitigating the impacts of climate change and reducing waste production.

- Harmonization of national programmes, initiatives, funding sources and investments in the Central-Eastern European region leading to the development of a supportive environment in the European Union in order to reach the goals of the BIOEAST initiative.

- Collection and dissemination of agroecological best practices in the region.

- Testing of novel political regulations for the development of the agroecological system with the help of living labs, participatory research and innovations based on local abilities.

- Development of efficient communication and information dissemination strategies and tools increasing the agroecology related awareness of the society and the actors of the sector and the dissemination of best practices related to research and innovation.

- Contribution to the elaboration and the implementation of the European Agroecological Partnership planned in the next Horizon Europe research and innovation framework programme after 2020 and the development of the national strategic plan connecting to the new common agricultural policy (CAP).


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