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ömki, farm, healthy eating, crop rotation, nutrient, bean   2019. March 11. News

Bean Bang!

Black, white, brown, multi-colored, this is the beautiful diversity in beans.

Leguminous vegetables not only are an important part of crop rotation, but their protein content is also significant, this is why they have recently become the focus of the attention of researchers and nutritionists.

Under the EU-funded TRUE project, Agri Kulti and ÖMKi organized the second TRUE bean landraces breeding workshop. The aim of the TRUE project is to increase the share of leguminous vegetables in crop rotation and, to increase consumption by involving the culinary world.

Project partners from Hungary are trying to reintegrate beans landscape from the NÖDIK (Center of Plant Diversity) to the farms, and they also test the varieties under conditions of organic farming. In addition, it will be also an important aspect to examine the nutritional values of beans landscape. So this exciting research project will be even more interesting by not only testing but tasting the beans. 



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