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26,000 Tomato Seedlings for a Diverse Agriculture

A total of 26,000 organic landrace variety tomato seedlings were purchased in the spring of 2022.

For the fourth year in a row now, our organic landrace tomato seedlings were available all over the country! Given the high interest, we have increased the number of available tomato seedlings throughout the national supermarket chains’ stores, while the young plants could also be pre-ordered through the ÖMKi webshop. Thus, a total of 26,000 seedlings were purchased in the spring of 2022.

Landrace variety tomato seedlings

This year, the cherry tomato from Máriapócs was available, along with the yellow Cegléd landrace variety, as well as the popular paprika-shaped from Gyöngyös that was back on offer. Furthermore, based on public votes, the egg-shaped Fadd variety, recommended for fresh consumption, became the fourth type of landrace seedling distributed on the market.

Máriapócs landrace variety

The image gallery is scrollable. Landrace variety tomatoes is order from left to right: Máriapócs, Cegléd, Gyöngyösi, and Faddi.

More than five years of research have preceded these landrace seedlings from being placed on the store shelves. What makes ÖMKis’ organic landrace-variety tomato seedlings exceptional? Landrace variety means that in a given area, the crop with its’ specific characteristics was created jointly by the sorting and selective work of nature and our farming ancestors.

Today, landrace varieties have been largely excluded from public production due to industrial production. That is why, through its nurture and consumption, we not only reap its benefits when it comes to our health but also contribute to the survival of our agri-heritage and the enhancement of agricultural diversity. Furthermore, it supports small farmers and sustainable farming in Hungary.

In addition, since landrace varieties retain their original traits from one generation to the next, it is possible to collect seeds from the mature plant and thus grow our own seedlings the following year.

Organic certification guarantees, in accordance with the principles of organic farming for the protection of people and the environment, that the seedlings are reared free of synthetic chemicals and fertilizers. Moreover, by purchasing a product with the ÖMKi logo, you provide indirect support for new research in the field of organic agriculture in Hungary.

Thus, through the organically certified landrace varieties of tomatoes, you contribute to the revival of an old tradition, the enhancement of agricultural diversity, the protection of the environment, the establishment of a healthy and varied diet, and the aid of sustainable farming in Hungary, including small farmers.

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