b_200_150_16777215_00_images_eng_kepDD.jpgThe Péter Sárközy Foundation for Organic Agriculture held its 13th Scientific Memorial Meeting on September 4 in Lakitelek in the Kölcsey House of the Népfőiskola Foundation. More than 90 people took part in the two-day event. Aside from many representatives of management, research and educational institutions there were also representatives present from the Carpathian Basin Organic Producers Members’ Organization.  This year’s presentations ranged from organic food production and the significance of organic products as well as quality issues. Presenters discussed their current achievements as well as the state of organic agriculture in various regions of the Carpathian Basin including Délvidék, Muravidék, Székelyföld, Felvidék, and the Karcag area. Per tradition, the awarding of the certificate and medal followed the lectures. This year’s recipient was Dr. Dóra Drexler, whose laudation was given by last year’s recipient, Dr. László Palik. The laudation mentioned that Dr. Drexler’s work at the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture researching Hungarian organic production as well as her efforts at developing organic agriculture in Hungary are internationally recognized and considered exemplary.

b_200_150_16777215_00_images_eng_kepDD1.jpgWe would like to thank the foundation’s board of directors and its president, Dr. Gábor Solti, for the honor of the award and recognition of Dr. Drexler’s work. The text of the laudation can be read in Hungarian here.