b_200_150_16777215_00_images_eng_img_2013-09-04-14-44-25.jpgOur first organic soybean professional day was held on 4th September 2013 at the headquarters of Völgy Major Kft, Tornyiszentmiklós, with participation of organic farmers, organic soybean producers, special advisors, soybean breeders and sowing seed traders. The main focuses of the programme were direct exchange of knowledge and experiences and enhancing collaboration within the organic soybean sector.

The morning started with introduction of the hosts: Völgy Major Kft. and Organic Food Kft.; beside soybean production, they deal with organic animal husbandry and organic egg production. Activities of the companies were presented by Alfred Reinhard and Tamás Gergye managing directors.


Klaus-Peter Wilbois, member of Frankfurt Institute of FiBL gave a lecture about FiBL’s soybean research in Germany. It was very informative to hear about the project. Temperature conditions are much less favourable in Germany than in Hungary, but organic farmers are being helped with breeding, small plot and on-farm studies of cultivation methods. During the studies, varieties were tested, technology variants and different bacterial treatments were observed, ability to outgrow weeds was measured and ecological conditions of different production areas were compared by the scientists.


The whole report can be read on our website.