21st October 2013, Monday

b_200_150_16777215_00_images_eng_img_img_0333.jpgÖMKi participated in the Natura Food International Traditional and Organic Food Exhibition held in Łódź (Poland). This year Hungary, being special guest, was provided the featured display. This special appearance, by the request of Polish agriculture ministry, was organized by Hungarian Ministry of Rural Development.

The exhibition held from 11th to 13th October 2013 is the most important organic farming fair of Central and Eastern Europe and visited by more than 10.000 guests. Within the Natura Food Exhibition, the BEECO Ecological Lifestyle conference was organized for a second time. In Poland, similarly to Hungary, the difference between a ’natural’, certified organic and ’local’ product is not clearly defined. This exhibition gave space to all three product groups.

Hungary was primarily represented by farmers dealing with foodstuffs missing from Polish organic production: organic wine, ground paprika, garlic, etc. Other Hungarian exhibitors were the Ministry of Rural Development, National Food Chain Safety Office, organizations of organic supervision and certification. ÖMKi represented the research sector. During the three days of the fair, visitors could get acquainted with our mission and activities not only at our stand but also at a workshop where, among professional and political members of Hungarian organic agriculture, ÖMKi also presented itself. ÖMKi will not break off relations with representatives of Polish organic farming studies and colleagues of Radom Research Institute after the fair. We plan to receive 35 Polish experts between 24th and 26th of the month to show them important scenes of Hungarian organic agriculture.