On the 22nd  of March, 2013 a workshop with the above title  was  provided  for  the  second  time  since  2012  by ÖMKi.  The meeting took place in the House of Silk Reel, which  is  one  of  the  major  monuments  of  industrial history in Old Buda, and the office building of ÖMKi. The program was for farmers and community organisers who are already operating a CSA, or planning to  start one in the near future. The workshop provided an opportunity for participants to exchange experiences, plan and think together, share suggestions and ideas, and form questions and consider potential solutions. The  organic  farmers,  who  are  selling  in  this  community  supported  system  generally  showed  a beneficial picture of their situation. According to them, in the past 1 to 2 years they were able to build  a  closer  relationship  to  members  grouping  around  their  enterprises.  Growing  confidence gives a chance for long-term commitments and the realization of the planned investments.  It was a pleasure to see that more and more farmers, inspired by other’s success, are launching their own vegetable communities.  Currently, there are about half a dozen, many of  them are certified organic farms and this number will hopefully increase in the following years.