The  first  professional  meeting  for  PhD  and  postdoctoral scholars  supported  by  ÖMKi  took  place  on  the  21st  of February, 2013. The event was organised in the House of Silk Reel (1033 Budapest, Miklós square 1.) and was attended by the  young  researchers  along  with  officials  from  the sustainable  agriculture  and  food  production  sectors.  In  the first  part  of  the  one-day  event  the  colleagues  of  ÖMKi presented  their  research  topics  and  results.  In  the  second part  of  the  program  the  scholars  introduced  their  research work. They pursue research in the following topics:

  • Increasing the efficiency of organic fertilizer pellets by usage of microbial products and plant extracts – Zoltán Pap

  • Comparison of the mycotoxin contaminations in the raw materials and the end-products derived from organic and conventional farming system – László Kametler

  • Experiments on reducing chemicals in mushroom production – András Geösel

  • The effect of organic and conventional farming on the quantity and quality of organic matter and on some soil microbial characteristics of sandy soils in the Nyírség region – Ibolya Demeter

  • Decrease of water demand using symbionts: application of drought tolerance helper mycorrhizal and rootendpohytic fungi in organic agriculture – Alena Lukács

  • Development of soil fertilizer bioinoculant based on organic matter mobilizing bacterial strains – Éva Tamás

  • The investigation of production of Hungarian tomato landraces in organic farming – László Csambalik

  • Comparative evaluation of the effects of organic and intensive agricultural system on soil microbial diversity – László Ködöböcz

At  the  end  of  the  day,  there  was  a  round  table  where  participants  could  comment  on  each others’  work  and  were  able  to  find  connection  points  and  co-working  possibilities  between research projects.